Unemployment Resources

When reliable employment proves difficult, the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce will help people work toward financial stability by providing unemployment benefits, job opportunities, and workforce services. Also, there are ways to keep healthcare, maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in a positive mindset to help you keep the strength to stay in the job-hunting market.

South Carolina Department of Unemployment and Workforce

Being out of work doesn’t feel good, but it’s not hopeless. How do job-training services, job opportunities, and free back-to-work services sound? We provide testing, counseling, and job referrals, connect you with employers and alert you to upcoming job fairs. Veterans will find resources, services, and opportunities here, and our Job Seekers Resources support all. The Dept of Employment and Workforce Rural Manpower Service helps seasonal, agricultural, and nonagricultural workers find work. Special Applicant Groups, Claimants, and people with disabilities will find useful resources here. Learn how employment opportunities benefit you.

Maintaining Your Health

Keep your Financial Health in Good Shape, Too!

Here are resources for following a healthy financial plan.