I need a job. Where do I start?

Getting started on your job hunt is sometimes the most difficult thing to do. The barriers of technology can be daunting to anyone who hasn't been in the job market for a while. Below are some tips and tutorials to help prepare you for your 21st century job search.

Learn About Email

Email buttonAn email address is essential for any online job search. In order to send out your resume, register for employment search web sites, and receive communications from employers, you must have an email address. Learn how to sign up for a free email address.

Get Resume Tips

Resume help buttonOnce you've got your email address, you'll need to pull together a summary of your qualifications. Representing yourself well in your resume can be a difficult process, and deciding where to send it or post it can be confusing.

Military & Veterans Resources

military and veteran resourcesAre you a veteran or active duty military? These resources will connect you with services to improve all walks of your life, from finding a job to looking after your health.

Teen Job Search

teen job searchAre you a teen seeking career information, employment, or resources? These resources will get you heading in the right direction toward a successful job search.

Older Workers Job Search

older workers job search buttonAre you an older job seeker in the market for a new position or looking to reenter the workforce after a period of retirement? These resources will help you on the way as you transition to the next phase of your life.