Considering a career as an educator? The American Board can help you become a teacher in South Carolina.


There are few things more satisfying than passing the torch to the next generation. Teachers help children overcome obstacles to progress by providing them with the historical knowledge of past struggles and the methods used to combat them. They encourage preparation for the workforce by linking factual knowledge to its practical application. Finally, teachers work to produce a person with a lifelong devotion to acquiring and using knowledge to make the world a better place

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The American Board can help you become a teacher in South Carolina. In 2007, the state General Assembly passed House Bill 3476 which approved ABCTE as a route to teacher licensure in South Carolina. The South Carolina Department of Education fully recognizes ABCTE certification for all school districts and charter schools in the state. This means with your Bachelor’s Degree from any college, you can enter the classroom with this program!

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  • The American Board offers a flexible, affordable route to earning a South Carolina teaching certificate. You can complete our self-paced program online without quitting your job or taking additional college courses. ABCTE has issued more than 230 certifications in South Carolina and has more than 1000 working toward certification. Career changers such as math teacher Wanda Martin or Blake Hedden, who is teaching at the South Carolina high school he once attended, have earned their certification through the American Board’s programs. Julie Smallfield, another American Board alumna, holds a Ph.D. in physics and, after working in a laboratory, now teaches the subject in South Carolina.
  • South Carolina High Schools need more local professionals in the classroom. If you would like more information please email American Board

    SC State Director Jeni and she will get you started! You can also check us out online:

    Some people want to be teachers because they have a lot to offer to the people they will be teaching. This job isn't for everyone, so if you are one of the fortunate people who would like to teach for a living, go for it. Remember one thing. Don't ever do a job that you don't like so if you think that you will like teaching good luck to you.  

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