Apps for job searching, entrepreneurship, and small business

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             Simply Hired (FREE) for iPhone and Android

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What Color Is Your Parachute? Job-Interview Tool (FREE) for iPhone


Networking Apps

LinkedIn (FREE) for iPhone and Android

BeKnown (FREE) for iPhone and Android

Facebook (FREE):for iPhone and Android.

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SnapDat Digital Business Cards (FREE) for iPhone


Resume Apps

Pocket Resume (Paid) for iPhone and Android

Resume App (Paid) for iPhone and Android


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101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions (FREE) for iPhone

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Finances, Money Management, Payments

Most people who start a business are creating a business to make money. Sadly, sometimes it is hard to manage your finances, payments, and assets. You might find that expenses start to creep up, financing runs short, and your ability to plan for the future is nil. The following apps might help you in making life a little easier!

Prosper is a peer lending service which brings individual lenders and small business borrowers together. Each person looking for a loan they will creates a profile, describe what the loan will be used for, and what interest rate they are able to pay. Lenders indicate how much they are offering, at what rates, and who they want to offer sums to. So your loan may come from multiple sources, or a single person.



Dimewise lets you record your purchases/expenses and categorizes them.



There’s no easier tool to do long financial equations than instacalc, which will also give you a variety of charting options to display your figures.

Timesheets, Invoicing, Billing


FreshBooks is an app designed with the web-based entrepreneur in mind. Not only does the program let you bill clients via email with professional-looking invoices, but clients can also pay you online via PayPal,, and other options through FreshBooks.



SidejobTrack With SidejobTrack you can organize all the various jobs and services you’re performing, send estimates, do invoicing, tax reporting and even manage projects.




Communication and Collaboration


ConceptShare solves the need for having a way to collaborate on a project in real-time by providing a creative workspace where employees can add to and modify graphic presentations.



Google Calendar.   

With Google Calendar you can quickly set up multiple calendars for different projects or clients, as well as link up to public calendars which can help you stay synched with your client’s activities.



Remember the milk. Have you ever tied string around your finger to remind yourself of something but then forgot what it was? Remember the milk can help you and your company in remembering all of the day’s important details.



Neptune is the ultimate in practical planning. It’s a GTD (get things done) type of to-do list application with multiple project folders and drag and drop task reordering. Neptune also sends you email each day reminding you what your most urgent task for each defined project is.